Friday, May 21, 2010

The Mysterious Seven Falls

On my attempts to research the seven falls trail, i couldnt find anything about them on google; only sites that talk about the manoa falls trail and nothing more. After hearing about the falls from Kevin, i wanted to try this trail that's closed off because firemen have supposedly pulled too many bodies of dead hikers out. That's what kevin says.

My alarm rings at 4:45 Thursday morning and awake in a daze to see that Dewey's already up and getting ready. I stay in bed wanting those few more minutes to rest, and just before i fall back asleep Dewey turns the light on. Damn. Can't sleep any longer. It was a good thing he got me up, though, because i wouldn't wanna miss the hike we had planned for that day. Thursday, May 20, 2010 was the day we planned to hike the seven falls with Kevin, the entertaining guard from haiku stairs. Mitsuo was supposed to come along with us, but he didn't get up again, so we left him.