Saturday, January 31, 2009

Alan Davis

After spending some time at China walls, we decided to hit up Alan davis. Last time, we went to scooter along the path, but it was too packed so we went on the Makapu'u Tom Tom hike. This time, we went down at around 4. The cars were lined up along the pathway, so it was still crowded, but we had parking. Only on the first time I went, I got parking in a stall at the bottom. The rest of the times, I had to park along the pathway. Don't park along the side down at the bottom because you'll get ticketed if a cop comes, and we saw one giving out tickets today when we walked down. The place at the bottom needs to stay clear so cars can turn around.

We take the dirt path that leads down, not the paved hiking path. It was nice and green compared to the brown that we had seen for all of summer. The grass was long, in some parts, but it wasn't irritating; it actually felt good brushing on your legs. After a 5-10 minute walk, you get to the hidden beach known as Alan Davis. Under the shadow of Pele's chair, the beach is usually calm and spear fishers, kids, and everybody else show up to have fun. There's a shore where people can play like at Ala Moana, but most come for the telephone pole sticking out of the rocks. Nobody knows how it got there, and it must have been pretty hard to get it there in the first place.

The pole is about 6 feet above the water, and the water is about 7 feet deep. There are rocks directly under the pole, so you need to jump out. If you don't, you'll hit a rock. If you jump out, you'll definitely hit sand if you touch the bottom. There may or may not be a tire tied to the pole with rope, and today, there wasn't. I guess someone stole it. It makes you think what they're gonna do with it...

That's all there is to Alan Davis. Everything else should be self explanatory when you get out there. It's just another beach, except not as well known. The waves are calm so everyone can enjoy the water. After getting used to Alan Davis, you can upgrade to China Walls, or Spitting Caves.

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