Thursday, November 22, 2012

Electric Skateboard

In this previous post, I mentioned brainstorming an electric skateboard, and after doing research and finding various parts, I'm at the beginning of putting together some type of prototype electric skateboard. I'm basing my electric board off of the boosted boards models and am using my sector 9 reflections board. I like the flex and turning radius on the sector 9 better than a loaded vanguard, so I'm sticking with this board unless I find something equivalent.

True Manamana

Nick recently asked me to do True Manamana. I had only done part of the trail once before and didn't really finish it due to bad weather. This time we hoped it would be different but weren't expecting what we ran into when we did the hike.

I've also been making some progress on a new project I started: my own electric skateboard. After seeing the boosted boards prototypes and the way they function, I decided to try to save money and have fun in the process of making an electric skateboard powered by brushless motors.