Monday, January 19, 2009

Spitting Caves

Spitting caves: One up from China Walls. The current there is never calm and it has a higher drop than China Walls. How high? Well read on to find out. Today we went to Spitting Caves, my second time. You go back up the hill you park on to go to China Walls, then take a left. Take the next right then the right after that and follow the road down until close to the end. You'll find a little opening shaded by trees and you walk down that to get to the Spitting Caves jump. Kendall left when we were still at China walls, so me, Royce, Winston, Mits, and Jared came to the caves. The reason they're called the spitting caves is because waves shoot into the cave and spray a mist back out, like the caves are spitting. In the cave, there are sharks, but they're all usually sleeping. Mits went on a scuba dive into the caves and checked out all the sharks. They won't bother you if you leave them alone.

For me, the part that worried me wasn't about the drop, but about getting out. The drop is around 60 feet, which shouldn't be a problem to people, but the current tries to pull you into the caves. There are walls on either side that can be used to get out, and I usually use the left side. Either way, you'll need to climb back up the 60 feet to jump again. No ropes or anything just old fashioned rock climbing. There's a ladder way down on the left side, but no one uses it because climbing up the rock wall is faster. Don't slip while on the wall because you'll fall on the jagged rocks below. When falling into the water, you're freefalling, and you hit the water at a high speed, so even rotating a slight angle when falling could give you a slap that looks and feels like you flopped hard. If you do a full on flop, you might knock yourself out. There's no time to recover from a flop because of the current so if others are there, they can help you out.

It's possible to get sucked into the caves after you jump, and if you do, there's air pockets since water doesn't completely fill the caves. You'll need to be saved by the fire department, and a while ago, that actually happened to someone, which is how I know. Above all, if you aren't a really good swimmer, then stick with Alan Davis if you like jumping or just go swim at Ala Moana. The first time I went was with Gavin, and he showed us how to get there. Winston jumped when we went the first time, and the two of us jumped today. During the first time at Spitting caves, almost everyone jumped, and the current was strong that day. That time we went was during the summer, right after hitting up China Walls. It seems like I'm trying to get you not to go to Spitting Caves, but I'm just warning you of what to expect. The first time I went, I knew nothing about the Spitting Caves and the current there so I had a fairly hard time getting out. The 60 foot drop is fun, and if you want to do a jump like that without the current then try Maunawili falls. At Maunawili, there's all kinds of heights to jump from and there's no current, so if you flop, you can recover.

The shaded walkway

That's where the walkway ends up

Panorama-in the middle of the picture is where you jump