Monday, January 5, 2009

Well Hello There!

I decided to make a blog because I was reading Kaleo Lancaster's blog and thought - Yeah I could do that too and it would be pretty cool to see how much stuff I did from when I started the blog. So there's really no point to this blog other than to write about my random adventures and activities.
Some stuff about me:
-I live in Kalihi, which is close to the important places on Oʻahu so it's a pretty good place to live.
-Tech stuff and electronics intrigue me. I take apart anything that is broken or that I don't need anymore. I put them back together and sometimes they work. Sometimes they don't, but I'll make use of the parts left over.
-I don't like staying home. It's boring at home with nothing to do. I'll go to the beach, hike, play around at the park. Whatever.
-Oh yeah and we just got back to school from winter break so I should be doing homework but instead I'm busy on this thing. Well back to work...