Saturday, March 31, 2012

My First Time to Kaena Point

On Thursday night, March 29, I accompanied Kevin on a night hike that was more of a walk than a hike. The real purpose of the night hike was to create a memorial for Kevin's and many other hikers' good friend, Leslie Merrell. I never met Les, but he was an avid and experienced hiker who was killed when he fell from the bear claw trail. There is a cave at Kaena Point that he is known for, and our mission was to carry quikrete to the cave so we could create a memorial for him. Kevin bought a plastic plaque with Les's name on it and planned to set it in cement. Since this was not the trail Les lost his life on, the more expensive plaque is planned to be placed on the bear claw summit.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Olomana in the day and Kuliʻouʻou at Night

Last night, I went with Kevin and his friend, Aaron, on a hike up Kuliʻouʻou. We started around 6 in the evening and were on a quest to find a quick and easy way to get up the mountain. We didn't take the normal route but took a different route that was marked with ribbons instead. This was after I went with my friend Aaron T., a different Aaron, to Olomana and to the Pillboxes, so I had an adventurous day.