Sunday, July 7, 2013

Electric Skateboard Calculator

Electric Skateboard Speed Calculator

Using what I've learned about brushless motors and skateboard power, I created an electric skateboard calculator. This calculator is intended to help you find the theoretical maximum speed for an electric skateboard.

The original code was taken from this page and modified.
All credits should go to the original author.

Enter the values below to calculate the estimate of the top speed for the electric skateboard. The calculator takes motor kV as an input because it is aimed more at electric skateboards, but it may work for electric scooters and electric bikes.

The weighted RPM and weighted top speed show the respective values with efficiency factored in.

Only enter whole numbers (There is no need for decimal points or symbols).
You can probably count on an average of 70% efficiency.

Battery & Motor

Number of Lipo Cells
(S count)
Motor kV
Efficiency (%)
Battery volts
Motor RPM
Weighted Motor RPM


Motor Pulley Teeth
Wheel Pulley Teeth
Wheel size (mm)
Gearing ratio

Top Speed Calculations

Top Speed
Weighted Top Speed