Sunday, January 11, 2009

The day after christmas...

So I just remembered that we had an islandwide power outage on December 26, 2008. Oahu had no power, and only places with generators had light. I happened to be at Nik's house and we were supposed to be working on that MEAS video-the general inquiry into the advanced study of modern east asia. We did actually do some work during the day so it felt productive. I didn't plan to stay later than dinner time so Nik's mom wouldn't have to spend money or make food for me, Jared, and Maxx, and the others were planning on leaving too. Mits' birthday was that day, and he was there during the day, but he left at 4 to go to a restaurant for his birthday. Nik's mom ordered pizza so we ate it. We were downstairs playing halo and the lights went out, but in only 1 or 2 seconds they came back on so we restarted the xbox and set everything up again. We played campaign mode and we weren't too long in before the power went out again. Oh that's ok, it'll be back on in a few seconds-that's what we thought, so we sat there in the dark until after about 5 minutes, and we realized that the power wasn't coming back. Nik's mom came down to tell us that the whole island didn't have power and gave us a flashlight. After a while of just being bored, we went upstairs, into the living room, and there were candles everywhere. We started playing around with the candles and tried to connect two so the wax from one would flow into the other. Anyways, the power wasn't coming on for a while because crews knew what was broken, but didn't have light to work on it, meaning that the earliest the power would come on would be after sunrise. We all went without showers that night, but we didn't mind, and we all got to stay over at Nik's house.

So we wondered, what about Mitsuo? Well we texted him and found out that he was sitting in that restaurant when the power went out. He said he was going to leave soon so we left him alone and continued playing with the candles. Then, we get a text from him and he told us that he couldn't get into his house. Now how did that happen? Well they usually put in a code to open their garage door and they get in through there. But, there's no power so they can't use it. But they have a spare key right? Nope. They didn't have a spare key with them so guess where they slept. If you guessed a friend's house, not even close. They slept in their cars for the night. And the next day, we went on the hike at Wiliwilinui. I went and got mits and we met everyone else at kahala mall and went down. As Jared said, "Mitsuo has the worst birthdays."

Here's some pics i got to take with my new camera. I just got it then so i was playing around with the settings and features.

This is a 4 second exposure so you can see how dark it was even with that lantern

Here's our candles

After the smoke cleared, that's what was left