Monday, January 19, 2009

China Walls

After lunch, Kendall and Mits went to check Alan Davis to see if it cleared up because Jared wanted to go, but it was just as crowded as in the morning. I had already called Royce to ask if he wanted to go to China Walls, and he said ya and he brought Winston too, so I went down to China Walls. To get to China Walls, you take a right just before Koko Head Elementary and then the first left after that Then after going up the hill, you go straight at the stop sign and just follow the road until you get to a "No Outlet" sign. Take a right just before the no outlet sign and park somewhere along the sides. Today, there were about a medium amount of people at the walls. You walk down the hill and go to the culdesac, where there's an entrance into China Walls, as well as a warning post that says "Drownings Have Occurred Here." Jared waited after the first right turn for Mits to call back about the parking, but I went on to China Walls, and the three of them met us later at China Walls. When I got to China Walls it was about 2, and Royce and Winston had been waiting for about half an hour. They already jumped in a few times, so I joined them.

So what's good about China Walls? Well, there's a 10-15 foot drop depending on the tide, and on good days, surfers show up to catch the waves there. Today, it was surprisingly calm, there were relatively no waves at all, and the tide was low. That means higher drop and less effort to get out so more jumps. During the summer, we went to China Walls, and the waves came up to the wall and could sweep you off if yo were too close to the edge. I like to jump off of high stuff, such as Alan Davis, China Walls, Maunawili and Spitting Caves. More about the last two in the future. You need to be a pretty good swimmer to get to the wall and climb back up. In the beginning when you jump in, it may seem like you could tread water for a while, so there's no rush to get out, but the current and waves make you work harder, so you might wanna get out quick on the first time so you know how to. The way I get out is I climb the rock wall on the left side and just go up. Lots of people time it right and slide themselves onto a shelf on the right side to get up. I learned to climb up the wall so I always do it that way, and it's easier to me. When real waves come at you at China Walls, you don't want to be close to the wall or be getting out because the waves will slam you into the wall and two of my friends learned what happens when you don't watch out. Getting out is probably the hardest part so after the first time, you'll know what to do and you'll be fine when you go there. Some of the parts there have a thin algae coating so you might slip. I slipped and fell down once, but i didn't fall in the water so i was fine. It's fun to do tricks like gainers, suicides, and can openers at places like China Walls, so that's another reason I go there. You get a huge thrill of jumping off from that height, and that satisfied me until Gavin showed me Spitting Caves...

Follow this...

Into here and the entrance

Looking up from in the water

The drop

I think this is a Humuhumunukunukuapua'a