Saturday, June 12, 2010

HDR pictures

I recently found out about HDR photography, which is high dynamic range photography. It uses a bunch of pictures, some underexposed, one regular exposure, and some overexposed. The result is a cool looking picture that has many details in the lighting.

This is where i learned how to do it and i found out that photoshop doesn't make HDR pictures as well as the photomatix program can. It costs money to get the full version, though.

I also found out that it's possible to edit the pics and make them appear like HDR without taking multiple pictures. It's a good way to make those pictures that you can only get one of-like action pictures-look like HDR.

And i guess i should let everyone know that except for this HDR, the tilt shift and the most recent Haiku stairs post, i never used to edit my photos, so all of my pictures that were posted here before June were straight out of the camera. I used to be too lazy to edit the pictures and i still am, so as much as i can, i'm gonna post unedited pictures on here.

I figure that a good picture doesn't need editing and that's why out of the hundred or so pictures i've taken on each hike, about half or more aren't shown because i don't think they're presentable. It goes to show how far technology has come and there's even things like auto fill-in that photoshop CS5 can do. I haven't used CS5 before and i have CS4 but i hardly use that. I mainly use it to try to make tilt shift photos because the lens that's able to do that kind of photography is expensive and useful for only that purpose.

Here are some of my other tries at HDR pics:

This ones edited to look like HDR

This one's also edited to look like HDR