Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Olomana Yet Again

On saturday, Nick, Dewey and I climbed olomana. I wanted some pictures for a class project so i thought pictures from the olomana trail would be good. It was the usual olomana hike, except we started around 5:30 in the morning because Nick had to be home before 11.

I also found out i need to get my camera's sensor cleaned. I noticed the signs of dust on the sensor in my pictures, and after taking some test shots, found that there are indeed dust particles on the low pass filter. I don't want to send it to nikon so i fortunately found a camera shop that will clean it here. After discovering how many shots had been taken on the camera i was surprised the camera only needed cleaning now. I checked this site to view the data that the camera saves on each picture and found out that the number of shutter actuations on the camera are somewhere in the neighborhood of 83,000. That's a lot of pictures. According to Ken Rockwell, the shutter was tested to about 150,000 actuations, so going with that count, the shutter is a little over halfway through its life cycle.

Here's some of the pictures i got:

I edited the dust out so it should be hardly noticeable, if at all.

Almost ran into this spider going up

The view of the third peak

The view of the first and second peaks from the third peak

A caterpillar we saw at the end