Friday, February 18, 2011

Take a look at a Hawaiʻi driver's license...

...and you may see some really small font around the border repeating the words, "Aloha State." Well, i was reading these microscopic words and realized that there's a microscopic typo.

I'm not sure if it applies to all the Hawaiʻi licenses and permits but mine is the vertical version and it has this typo. I also don't know if it's intentional or someone's bad proofreading, but I now know that they copied and pasted the words in sections because it shows up more than once around the perimeter of my license.

I guess they were thinking, "Just leave it; no ones gonna notice or care."
And i don't care. It's just that it was interesting to find on the driver's license so i thought I'd share.
Hey, that rhymed.

Update on 2/25 -

Today, Dewey showed me his license, which is the horizontal version. The microscopic words are present, and they also have a typo, with "Alona State" printed every so often instead of the "Aloma State" on mine. It seems that the typos are intentional and may be in place to differentiate between fakes and reals. That's just a theory.