Monday, July 14, 2014


It's been a while since I last updated this blog. I haven't really gone on any new hikes but recently did the Olomana Loop hike. It went as usual, but some ribbons were falling off, and parts of the trail were getting overgrown. Aaron and I finished the hike in what we think is a new record - 3.5 hours - and got a good workout in the process. It seems like people removed our ribbons differentiating the Waimanalo path and the entrance path. If we go again, we'll remark the trail and try to clear some of the brush in the forest area.

What have I been up to for the past 8 months? After graduating from UH, I got a temporary full time job at the law school in the administrative office. After that job was done, I got a temporary full time job at the Hawaii Senate. That job lasted for about 6 months, and my last day was in May. From the end of the Senate job until now, I've just been relaxing and preparing for law school, which starts towards the end of August. As busy as I assume I'll be, I'm going to try to hike when I can but may not have time to document the hikes.

There is one thing that is certain - due to all the recent events and the situation with the Haiku Stairs, I don't think I'll be going there anytime soon unless the state decides to open it up to the public. Many hikers who attempt to climb the stairs are disrespectful to those in the neighborhood, and residents are understandably angry at anyone who even looks as if they will try to access the hike. With the new preschool near the beginning of the stairs, there is more concern and disapproval of hikers on the stairs. It was fun in the past and also a good workout, but now, you'll be on the stairs with hundreds or more.

We'll be trying some of the hikes that challenged us and were fun in the past: True Manamana, Olomana Loop, Moanalua Saddle, and Kawiki/Tiki Ridge.