Saturday, February 7, 2009

Another China Walls day...

...but today we got opihi! They taste like salt, but they have a nice chewy texture. Everyone we called was busy or just out of it so it was me and Royce today. We jumped in at the walls until Royce found an opihi shell and we decided to look for live ones. First, I used the old shell to pry the opihi off the rocks, and those things were stuck pretty good, so it took some effort to get em off. Then, we went back to the car to get something to use to take the opihi off the rocks. I had a metal stick that's originally for hitting the triangle in band, so we used that, and it turned out to be pretty effective in getting those opihi off the rocks.

According to Royce, we got about $25 worth of opihi that day. We got about 15-20 opihi, and they don't get fresher than that, right from the side of the rocks. They were all about an inch wide. It was fun, yet dangerous, because the opihi are on the edge near the water, and the waves were bangin today, so we had to move away before the waves swept us out.

Here some pics, and also another thing we found and pried off the rocks at china walls: