Saturday, February 28, 2009

Swamp Romp

I don't have any pics from the swamp romp, and I'm sick so i wanna sleep soon so I'll just put a little about the swamp romp. I could have done better today, but i got sick on Friday, so i was mad at myself. The romp was down at Kaneʻohe Marine Corps Base and we had to get up at around 4:30 today. That's four in the morning. Mits got up at 4, and he was making food. There was eggs, rice, sausages, and some pizza, all part of a balanced breakfast. Good thing Matt let us sleep over if not we would have gotten up earlier.

Six of us make a team so we took two cars, three and three. Ryan's car has the best bass in the world, but his speakers are gonna blow up someday. As we went along the pitch black highway at 5 in the morning, we went up a hill, and on the other side were lots of cars. They all came for the swamp romp too, and it took about half an hour just to get to the parking, which was only about a mile away from the entrance. 5 in the morning and we had the windows down, blasting the music and getting pumped up.

After we parked, we followed the crowd and went to the race area. We had to wait in lines again for a race chip, to record our time, and a number. There were separate lines for each, so we split up. But in no time, we were getting ready to start. I had clif bloks so we all had one each on the way to the start line. Team 308.

We were off. We came upon the first of many mud pits and just went through it, passing as many teams as we could, but everybody had to wait when we came to a 4 foot high wall that was giving others trouble. Our clothes covered in mud and our faces splattered with mud, we were anxious to keep on continuing, but we had to wait for 10 minutes before it was our turn to go over the wall. The wait ruined our time, so we just sped up. The 5.5 mile course was a test of endurance and had many mud and clay pits. The mud didn't taste that bad when you fell in it, but the clay was salty and bitter. The mud and clay were gritty, and lots of people still had some stuck in their teeth after the race was done.

The course went all the way to the beach, and it took us into the water. After more pits full of mud, we finally made it to the home stretch and passed about 4 teams. The rules are that teams finish together, so with linked arms, we sprinted into the finish.

Soaked in mud and clay, we got a shower from army trucks nearby and went to dry off. I don't know where to find our time yet, but I think it was around two hours. We started at around 8 and got back at 10. It was a fun race, and we would all do it again, but everyone is leaving for college so we'll see about that.

RACE RESULTS ARE UP-Ok it's monday and i just found the race results. Check them out. Our team got 70th overall and third in the young mens' division. We did better than i thought and actually took 1 hour 25 minutes. And the 2nd place team was our friend Tyler and his team. They were fast.

UPDATE-3/15-Tyler's team actually came in first, and it turns out we actually got 69th place.