Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring break is finally here

I haven't hiked or actually done anything in a while, and yesterday Jared, Maxx, and I hiked Kuli'ou'ou Ridge to Pu'u O Kona. There aren't any good pics from yesterday because it was socked in up there. Anyways, I already did the hike before and I got pics on a clear day. You can check out the pictures as well as a description of the Kuli'ou'ou to Pu'u O Kona hike here.

Today, Maxx got stuck at home because he had to clean house, so Jared, Winston, and I hiked the Wiliwilinui trail today. You can see the pics and description here.

After two hours, we reached the end of the trail and the sign was there waiting to tell us: "End of Wiliwilinui Ridge Trail." Today was different though...

We continued on past the sign to reach the peak of the next mountain on the right. It was kind of slippery in places, but we survived. You basically walk along the edge of the mountain, so one wrong move would mean a long trip tumbling to the bottom. We also got attacked by all the uluhe ferns on the way to the unnamed peak, so our legs are all scratched up. I found a thimbleberry bush on the way to the unnamed summit, so I ripped out the whole thing and brought it home to plant. The clouds covered the mountain and engulfed us, and blocked the views of Kane'ohe, Olomana, Waimanalo, etc. We reached the unnamed peak and decided to turn around at the top because it just continued on, and we didn't feel like going some more. So back through the uluhe minefield, and we finally made it back to the end of the trail sign. We hung around a little while longer, and a mountain biker came up to the summit. We talked for a little while and then he was on his way. Jared had some kind of cheese-it snack mix that was really good, so the three of us finished the bag 2400 feet up at the summit of Wiliwilinui.

Since it's spring break now, I'm hoping to hike more trails, ones I've done before as well as new ones. We only get one week of break, but then again, we start school later than lots of schools on the island.