Friday, April 9, 2010

here it is...

me dewey and chris went skydiving on 3/20/10. it was really fun to do and its like jumping off of spitting caves but 2000 times higher. unless youre certified u have to be strapped to an instructor but its fine cuz they do all the work and u can see the views. and after seeing all that we wanna get certified now.

we went to skydive hawaii down in mokuleia, and we got there around 1 in the afternoon. they gave us a bunch of waivers to sign and then we waited until our turn came. three instructors came over and strapped each of us up and then we walked across a grassy field to get to the runway. one more instructor came along to get videos of us and sell it to us if we wanted it.

Dewey bought the video and i edited it.

so we all climb into the plane and it taxis to take off. the inside of the plane was pretty bare- only 2 benches stretching from the front of the plane to the back and a plastic door that was set up like a garage door. it was a propeller plane so i think we were at the max capacity- 8 including the pilot. we take off in the diamond head direction and fly up to 14000 feet. when were close to the jumping height, the instructors clip themselves onto our harnesses and then the instructor pulls the garage door panel open and a constant gust of cold air rushes in. it was like sitting in a fridge with a fan on in it. it was pretty cold, but we got to jump on a clear day so the sun was shining and the clouds werent blocking any of the views.

to make things easier we jus decided on the order on the ground so we wouldnt have to waste time up in the air, but we all wanted to go first so we just went chris -> me -> dewey. the cameraman gets out and stays on the outside of the plane to catch videos of us jumping out. then chris and his instructor jump out. next is me. we jump and after a couple seconds u can feel that ur falling fast. the wind is blowing in your face and around your ears so u cant hear anything and if u open your mouth it dries up pretty fast. we were in free fall for about a minute and then just as quickly as it started, the parachute opened up and we were just drifting in the air. there was hardly any noise and you could talk to the instructor as if the 2 of you were talking on the ground. about 5 minutes in the parachute and we landed. while the parachute is out, depending on your instructor, they can do spins and maybe even flips with the parachute. coming in for the landing, i was told to put my legs up and then bring them down after he hit the ground and we had a good landing. neither of us fell down and we were both standing in the landing area. he unclipped me and we watched dewey come in for landing.

we returned to the building where we signed the waivers and paid for the jumps - about $150 since we were students cuz regular price is about $250. it was really fun and now if i have enough money, i wanna go get certified so i can jump wenever i want.

heres the video: