Monday, April 19, 2010

Perry the Chameleon

update: Perry died on 4/25

So a month or so ago, we were cleaning the house and we went all out. Vacuuming, and mopping and even shooting down the windows on the house. It was my turn to shoot the windows down so we could wipe the dirt and dust off of them. I got the hose and was getting ready to shoot the windows, but then i see something moving in the grass, and it was too big to be a bug.

So i shot it with water and it kept moving. When i bent own to look at it, i saw it had 3 horns. It was a jackson chameleon! I picked him up and put him in a bucket until we could find something better to house him. I later used a box and then a fish tank to hold him and he's fun to play with and to feed. He shoots his tongue out to catch bugs and he can hold onto things tight because of his hands.

And his name? well i'd been watching a lot of phineas and ferb lately so i named him perry after perry the platypus.

Here's some pics of when i first found him. he's basically the same still